Opening Keynotes

Keynote: Captain Barrington Irving of Flying Classroom

Opening remarks from Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Keynote: Fay Gore of National Geographic

Opening remarks from Thursday, October 15, 2020.

Activities that Address the Needs of the Whole Child

Nature-Based Activities for Indoors and Outdoors

Attendees will leave this interactive “choose your own adventure” style workshop with simple enrichment activities that foster STEAM learning and build SEL skills. Learn inexpensive nature-based fun that can be done indoors or outdoors this fall. Presented by Daniel Hatcher and Michelle Owens of Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Emerging Chefs Educator

In this workshop attendees will see how the Emerging Chefs, a traditionally hands-on cooking program, was able to move into a virtual space. Attendees will hear the challenges and barriers faced and lessons learned. Discuss how to get creative, innovative and accessible while adapting to virtual programing.

Presenters: Kristen Van Sickle, Kristen Grimshaw

Engaging English Learners Through Creativity

Learn more at WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS

Kid Yoga with Mrs. Liz

Elizabeth Linthicum of Hampton School Age Program guides you through Yoga for Kids in afterschool programs. Yoga Kids incorporates traditional Yoga elements but with fun and imagination for kids and families.

STEMulate your Afterschool Program

Join Bill Albert of STEMfinity and Jason Lindsey of Hooked on Science, in this exciting workshop and learn how to integrate STEM into your afterschool and summer programs using supplies from around the house! Bring your problem-solving skills as we construct several STEM activities and learn how to create a blended learning environment. Learn more at:

4-H Camp Spirit in a Bag: A Strategy to Help Children Build Self-Care Skills

4-H Camp Spirit in a Bag was a summer distance learning day camp developed and presented by Virginia 4-H Extension Agents from the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula: Tara Brent, Krista Gustafson, Wendy Herdman, Rachael Morris, and Christina Ruszczyk-Murray. In this video, they share information on camp lessons designed to engage and support youth emotionally during the current pandemic.

Science of Sport: How to Create Engaging Programing During a Pandemic

Science of Sport develops STEM curriculum using different sports examples and provides engaging and measurable programming for youth. During this presentation Science of Sport will share best practices from thier programs and provide attendees with lessons they can start using immediately. Presented by Carly Stevens and Dr. Ricardo Valderdi of Science of Sport

Videos on YouTube for the two Science of Baseball Lessons:

References for Dr. Valderi’s Lightboard can be found here:

ItemQty.Unit priceTotalPurpose
Acrylic (plexiglass) sheet 72″ x 36″1$     156.00$        156.00Writing surface
Shelf bracket411.37$           45.48Hold the plexiglass in place
Metal spring clamp60.99$             5.94Hold the brackets down on the table (4) and hold the plexiglass in place (2)
LED lights (8 ft of tape)124.97$           24.97Provide lighting effect
C-Clamp42.12$             8.48Hold the brackets and plexiglass together
Aluminum angle gauge 36″ x 3/4″24.78$             9.56Stabilize the plexiglass
Aluminum C-Channel 96″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″110.42$           10.42Hold the LED lights in place
Expo dry erase neon markers17.02$             7.02For writing
Microfiber cleaning cloths17.95$             7.95For cleaning

$        275.82

Supporting K-12 STEM by Using Remote Learning Kits in Virginia

The Virginia Cooperative Extension has developed Water Science at Home Kits for families to provide high-quality, hands-on STEM experiences. In this session, they will discuss the process, including: SOL-aligned activities that K-12 students can conduct at home and are appropriate for multiple grade levels; methods for kit distribution and assessment; and collaborations with Extension Agents and youth workers to distribute kits and collect data on content and accessibility. Presented by: Dr. Erika Bonnett and Hannah Patton of Virginia 4-H.

Computer Science at a Snails Pace

With the onset of the pandemic, we have all discovered new ways to connect to our students both on and offline. Code VA shares one of these models, Project Snail Mail designed to foster community and connection. Attendees will learn about the unplugged computer science activities, which are being used in seven states.

Presented by Maggie Smith of Code Virginia.

Using your Gifts to Promote Social Change

Brown Ballerinas for Change is a teen and dancer-led organization founded by Sophia Chambliss, Shania Gordon, Kennedy George, and Ava Holloway. During this workshop, the Co-CEOs will discuss their experiences as teen activists and will provide tools and strategies to help participants discover ways to increase activism among youth populations. Further, they will discuss the importance of uplifting youth voices and increasing diversity, equity, and opportunity.

Engaging Practices for Virtual Learning

Make Remote Learning Engaging by Focusing on Equity and SEL

Make Remote Learning Engaging by Focusing on Equity and SEL Presented by Jorge Valenzuela of Lifelong Learning Defined.

Digital Out-of-School Time

A presentation by Fairfax County After-School Specialists, AJ Fuller, Sandra Donlon, and Kimberly Kardelis, on the lessons learned through programming in the virtual environment over the last 6 months

Surviving the Switch to Virtual Learning

Latosha Brown-Davis, Shalamar Ackerman-Arms and Megan Canny of Hampton City Public Schools 21st CCLC Program share the structure and tools for an engaging virtual program that supports the 5 C’s of positive youth development; competence, confidence, connection, character and caring.

Service Learning Goes Virtual

Learn from a group of young leaders about how service-learning can be done virtually! Join them as they explain how they addressed the issue of the impact of social isolation on their peers, discovered tools to engage in a virtual environment, and were able to demonstrate a successful virtual experience.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Culturally Responsive Practices for Out-of-School Time Providers

The focus of the professional learning opportunity is on diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness within the organizations providing out-of-school time support for students. This presentation will support students’ academic success by empowering participants to develop a critical consciousness through which they challenge the status quo of the current social order by implementing culturally relevant strategies for engaging youth. Presented by Dr. Joshua Cole and Dr. Cassandra Stanley of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Equity in STEM: The Connection to Culture

Attendees will learn about cultural responsiveness and discuss the importance of developing a culturally responsive and anti-racist mindset. Come discuss how youth benefit from culturally responsive afterschool programs and learn specific tactics and practices to develop culturally relevant STEM afterschool programs.

Presented by Karen Peterson and Alicia Santiago of National Girls Collaborative Project.

Staff Leadership and Wellness

Resiliency Matters: Developing the Leader in You

In this workshop, participants will learn the importance of personal resilience, why it matters and key attitudes and skills that help in developing resilience. Explore ways to become a more determined, self-motivated, and focused leader that is able to create resilient relationships in the workplace. Examine your own ability as a leader to bounce back from adversity.

Presented by Camica Credel.

How to be the Supervisor your Staff Need

In this workshop Coach Katherine Spinney will focus on the most important component of effective leadership and help participants identify main areas of leadership growth.

Cypherworx and the VPOST Collaborative Learning Environment

Steve Stookey, of Cypherworx is joined by Bri Gaston-Bell and Abby May from Indiana to share the functionality and benefits for the VPOST’s Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment.

SEL and Trauma Informed Care

Mindfulness: Who’s Minding your Business?

In this workshop, participants will gain an Increased awareness of mindfulness, practice the tools and techniques. Learn about the connection between brain science and positive mental health. Presented by Maria Perkins of Alternatives Inc.

Building Resilience at Home: Boundaries, Breaks and Balance

Participants will discuss the impact of stress and trauma on the brain and will learn importance of self-care, self-compassion, and trauma responsive practices. Presented by Amanda Lynch of Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond/SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now).

Flowing Past Stress: Finding Emotional Release Through the Hips

This video presented by Lindsey Lawrence, is about Hip Opener sequence seeking to release pain and tension from stress in the hips. This flow is designed for beginner to intermediate level yogis looking for an easy/quick flow.

Spotify: Youtube:

Contact Information: Email: Instagram: Lindsb_Yogi

S+E+L = Whole Student Success

Zoom Fatigue is Real

Participants examine their relationship to devices and social media. Hear ideas and solutions for finding balance, as well as how to set goals and build mindfulness practices focused on a more balanced relationship to technology. Presented by Julia Gabor and Jeffery Jordan of kid-grit.

Supporting Families through Unprecedented Times

Taking the Guesswork Out of Family Engagement

Alexandria Public Schools share how they have been able to successfully address families’ basic needs, engage families in ongoing learning opportunities and support learning at home in a virtual environment. Presenters will share comprehensive approaches, tips and tools that programs can easily replicate at their own. Presented by Shanna Sampson, Tamieko Taylor Tukan, and Krishna Leyva of Alexandria City Public Schools.

Chats with Carlos

Chats with Carlos featuring Amy Atkinson of Virginia Commission on Youth and VPOST

From October 13, 2020, conference facilitator, Carlos Santini of After-School All Stars and National Afterschool Association speaks with Amy Atkinson of the Virginia Commission on Youth. Amy reflects on her experiences as a founding member of VPOST and chats with Carlos on life in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chats with Carlos featuring Captain Barrington Irving of Flying Classroom

From October 14, 2020, conference facilitator, Carlos Santini of After-School All Stars and National Afterschool Association speaks with Captain Barrington Irving of Flying Classroom on the spirit of resilience.

Chats with Carlos featuring Roberta Newman of VPOST and Jennifer Vaden Barth of Google

From October 15, 2020, conference facilitator, Carlos Santini of After-School All Stars and National Afterschool Association speaks with Roberta Newman of VPOST and Jennifer Vaden Barth from Google on breaking barriers.