Existing Programs, Curriculum, and Lessons


  • Afterschool Kidz Lit: AfterSchool KidzLit is an OST reading enrichment program from The Center for Collaborative Classroom, which is available for purchase and intended for grades K–8. Children hear fiction and nonfiction books read aloud—or read books independently—and make connections between the stories and their own lives. Working with partners or in groups, children have opportunities to express their feelings and explore big ideas through discussion, drama, art, movement, and writing. The program promotes literacy growth and thinking skills and supports social and emotional development.
  • The Electric Company: Extended Learning: Program: From PBS Kids, The Electric Company's Extended Learning Program is based on a 1-hour activity plan. This 18-week multimedia programming experience consists of 36 sessions designed to be delivered twice a week in after-school programs and other out of school time settings. This model provides for confident and consistent implementation by including scripted group facilitation, a cluster of video clips, targeted broadband activities, individual or peer activity sheets, and take-home activities for the family. The content supports the curriculum of all 52 Electric Company episodes, including decoding, vocabulary, connected text, motivation, and math words and concepts. (Literacy, elementary school)
  • Poetry Out Loud: Poetry Out Loud is a free, standards-based program for high school students that build public speaking skills and self-confidence. The classroom studies culminate to a contest at a school, regional, state and national level.  (Literacy, poetry, high school)
  • Readworks: Readworks creates content, teacher guidance, and tools to address underperforming reading comprehension and the student achievement gap. This site has a wealth of free lesson plans in areas of Skills and Strategy, Comprehension, Novel Study and Reading Passages. There is also a section where you can search for school standard alignments to lesson plans. (Literacy, elementary school, middle school, SOL)
  • Read, Write, Think: Provides activities and projects, games, as well as tips for K-12 afterschool literacy programs. (Literacy, K-12)
  • Scholastic: Free lesson plans and units on various topics or for specific titles for K-12 learners. (Literacy, K-12)
  • Split This Rock: Split This Rock is an organization that networks socially engaged poets. Their youth Spoken Word Poetry Clubs give students a regular opportunity to promote a culture of literacy, critical thought, self-confidence, and powerful public speaking.  Educators can contact Split This Rock to access the free curriculum and to join the network. (writing, poetry, public speaking, middle school, high school)

Resources for Popular Clubs or Programs

Book Clubs

General Literacy

  • First Book: First book is a non-profit that provides books and educational resources to programs serving low-income children for free and low-cost. (literacy, K-12)
  • National Children’s Literacy Information Project: From the Soho Center, a non-profit organization, the National Children’s Literacy initiative provides tips that are easy-to-understand and implement to foster a love of literacy in children.  (literacy, K-12)

Journalism and Newspaper Clubs

  • American Press Institute: The American Press Institute conducts research, training, convenes thought leaders and creates tools to help chart a path ahead for journalism in the 21st century. The Press Institute is an educational non-advocacy 501(c)3 nonprofit organization affiliated with the News Media Alliance.Resources offered by the American Press Institute include guides and information on starting journalism essentials, starting a school newspaper, freedom of the press, and a social media toolbox. (writing, journalism, newspaper, K-12)
  • Newslea: Searchable database of news stories, in which educators can filter by grade level or topic.  (newspaper, journalism, K-12)
  • School Journalism: This site offers multiple lessons, curriculum, and training models on various elements of news media and literacy. Additionally, classroom and club management resources, as well as information on national programs are provided.  (newspaper, journalism, middle school, high school)