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Afterschool Alliance: Getting funding and long-term sustainability can feel daunting, but with the right tools, you can get set for success. You’ll find all the tools and resources you need to get started and plan for the future here.

Office of Safe and Healthy Schools: Information on programs administered by The Office of Safe and Healthy Schools and issues important to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Finding Funding: A Guide to Federal Resources for Out-of-School Time and Community School Initiatives (pdf). Published by The Finance Project, 2003, this comprehensive updated publication includes detailed information on all potential federal funding sources for out-of-school time programs.

Replacing Initial Grants: Tips for Out-of-School Time Programs and Initiatives (pdf). Published by The Finance Project, 2002, this book is designed to help new program directors find longer-term funding by providing concrete tips and examples of ways other out-of-school time initiative leaders have succeeded in replacing initial seed grant money by creating a diverse portfolio of federal, state, local, and private funds.

Using the Workforce Investment Act to Support Out-of-School Time Initiatives
This strategy brief by The Finance Project explains the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), outlines strategies for leveraging WIA funds and provides examples of afterschool programs that benefit from WIA support.  WIA links youth development and youth employment, in keeping with research, which is the most effective way to attract and retain youth.  Afterschool programs can benefit from this opportunity by accessing funds for both staffing and services.

Major Sources of Afterschool Funding. Ideas for sources of federal, state, and local government funding, as well as private sector support prepared by the Afterschool Alliance.

  • Summer Nutrition Programs Implementation GuidesCreating strong and successful Summer Nutrition Programs can happen year-round. FRAC has developed two implementation calendars and plans. This is a step-by-step guide to successfully prepare, promote and execute the Summer Nutrition Programs.

  • Grantwriting Tools for Nonprofits
    This Non-profit Guides website is designed to assist established non-profit organizations through the private and public grant-writing process.

  • Help with Grant Proposals provides tools for securing contributions and grants for non-profit organizations. 

  • GrantsAlert
    GrantsAlert helps nonprofits, especially those involved in education, secure the funds they need to continue their work.

  • The Foundation Center
    This is the nation's leading authority on philanthropy.  Use this website to find all types of funders and grantwriting resouces.

  • Awards Offered to Youth Service
    This comprehensive list of funding sources is a compliation of awards offered by companies, agencies, government, and schools around the U.S. related to all aspects and ages of youth service. 

  • The Grantsmanship Center
    This site offers information on federal funding, a database of community foundations by state, and grantwriting training to nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

  • Making the Case
    This fact sheet published by the National Institute on Out-of-School Time provides statistics on the benefits of participation in afterschool programs.

  • eSchool News Funding Center
    The Center provides information on grant programs and funding sources for schools. School based or linked afterschool programs may be eligible for some of these grant programs.

  • Proposal Writing Short Course
    The Foundation Center's two-part guide helps grantwriters through the process of writing a proposal.

This site provides resources for both inexperienced and advanced nonprofit grant writers.  Topics include research, inquiry letters, full proposals, advice from funders, and hundreds of tips. 


The Grantionary lists grant-related terms and their definitions. 

Grant Writing Tips

SchoolGrants has compiled a helpful set of grant writing tips for those who need help in developing grant proposals. 

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